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National Forum for Sustainable Development

07 September 2023

Ulaanbaatar -- Mongolia will be presenting its renewed National Commitment to accelerate its efforts to achieve SDGs by 2030 at the SDG Summit to be held on 18-19 September in the United Nations, New York.

The Government of Mongolia, under the leadership of the Ministry of Economy and Development (MoED), developed the national accelerators for SDGs that will serve as an impetus to sustainable and inclusive development based on extensive consultations with the various stakeholders including the public and private sector, civil society, academic institutions, local citizens and youth.

Mongolia is currently preparing its National renewed commitment to achieving SDGs by 2030 based on identified SDGs accelerators, drawn from the national medium-term development policies, as well as extensive analytical findings such as the Second National Voluntary Review of SDGs implementation in Mongolia, presented at the UN’s High-level Political Forum in July 2023. The proposed accelerators are identified as follows:

  • Improve the quality and access to education that supplies the workforce to meet the labour market demands
  • Improve the quality of healthcare services and increase the accessibility of healthcare services
  • Achieve a complete digital transition through innovation, science, and technology
  • Ensure energy stability and reliability by creating basic conditions for the development of renewable energy
  • Climate change impacts: ensure environmental sustainability and optimize water and other natural resource usage
  • Enhance the food supply and security
  • Promote economic diversification in sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, and creative cultural production
  • Reducing unemployment and poverty by providing a skilful workforce that meets market demand
  • Increasing investment to accelerate collective efforts to achieve SDGs
  • Ensuring gender equality as a cross-cutting theme
  • Fostering effective governance and policy coherence
  • Supporting regional and local development
  • Boost financing aimed at accelerating the implementation of the SDGs.

These recommended accelerators are the results of extensive consultations with all stakeholders who represent development policymakers, decision-makers, and other development stakeholders.

At the National Forum for Sustainable Development, held on 7 September 2023, all parties will come together to finally endorse them to be adopted.

A number of national companies who are contributing to Mongolia’s efforts for sustainable development are supporting the forum event and showcasing their excellent initiatives for sustainable development during the event.

In tandem with the National Forum, the UN in Mongolia is spearheading an SDG Action Campaign to mobilize collective actions to accelerate achieving SDGs.


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