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President of Mongolia meets with UN Resident Coordinator

03 September 2021

Ulaanbaatar -- H.E U.Khurelsukh, President of Mongolia received UN Resident Coordinator in Mongolia, Tapan Mishra at the Government Palace of Mongolia today.

UN Resident Coordinator meets Mongolian President
Caption: Mongolian President H.E U.Khurelsukh received UN Resident Coordinator Tapan Mishra
Photo: © The Office of the President of Mongolia

Mr. Tapan Mishra congratulated him on his appointment as the President of Mongolia and expressed that the successful collaboration on Mongolia’s development priorities during his tenure as a Prime Minister would be continued throughout his time as a Head of State. He emphasized his leadership in localizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aligning them with the national development policies and priorities such as Vision 2050 during his premiership.

H.E U.Khurelsukh expressed his gratitude to the United Nations and its system in Mongolia for their long-standing partnerships with Mongolia through its various development programs that helped Mongolia on its development path. In particular, he highlighted the UN’s recent support to Mongolia in the timely response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a part of his agenda for youth development, the President of Mongolia initiated a scholarship program to support bright students from low-income and rural families to study in the world top universities, who would in return to contribute to the country’s development.

2021 marks the 60th anniversary of Mongolia’s membership in the United Nations. Mr. President noted the significant meaning of its membership in the United Nations for securing its independence and sovereignty and safeguarding its freedom and democracy.

President of Mongolia H.E U.Khurelsukh
Caption: President of Mongolia H.E U.Khurelsukh
Photo: © The Office of the President of Mongolia

The bilateral meeting between the President and the UN Resident Coordinator focused on larger development cooperation between the UN and Mongolia, addressing many of Mongolia’s challenges. They exchanged their views on a range of development issues from environmental concerns such as climate change, degrading ecosystem, as well as immense opportunities to tap into the potential of renewable energy, to socio-economic development issues, including more investment in youth development, improving health and education services for the population and to leveraging Mongolia’s possible contribution to the world peace and humanitarian affairs. 

“There is a great opportunity for Mongolia, as it gradually shifts to the upper-middle-income country, to graduate from a humanitarian aid recipient to the contributor to the world humanitarian mission through its advantage of protein-rich food products,” highlighted Tapan Mishra.

Tapan Mishra
Caption: Tapan Mishra: "Mongolia has a great potential to contribute to world humanitarian endeavours."
Photo: © The Office of the President of Mongolia

Mr. President reiterated that Mongolia would become a regional player in peacebuilding and the global and regional humanitarian endeavours, including by leveraging the Buyant-Ukhaa International Airport.

“It’s time to invest more in the health and education of the humanities, helping the world’s most needy while investing in the planetary health instead of investing in wars and hostilities,” emphasized President U. Khurelsukh.  

President of Mongolia meets with UN Resident Coordinator


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