Deputy Prime Minister and UN Resident Coordinator held a virtual meeting

  • Today, H.E. Mr. S. Amarsaikhan, Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia and Mr. Tapan Mishra, UN Resident Coordinator in Mongolia held a virtual meeting to discuss the current COVID-19 health crisis in Mongolia.
Meeting with Deputy Prime Minister
Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia held a virtual meeting with the UN Resident Coordinator

H.E S. Amarsaikhan expressed his appreciation and on behalf of the Government of Mongolia for the continued support from the UN systems and international development partners to Mongolia in dealing with the current pandemic.

Mr. Mishra highlighted the integrated and coordinated approach by all partners to the current pandemic management. Both parties agreed to form an integrated coordination group including all relevant national and international partners in order to ensure more effective and efficient coordination for response to this challenging COVID-19 crisis.

“The UN is committed to the effective coordination of the health, humanitarian and socio-economic responses by the UN agencies along with other humanitarian and development partners in Mongolia,” to support the efforts of the government, said Mr. Mishra. 

The main topic of discussion was around the UN’s initiative on the integrated platform for COVID-19 related information in Mongolia – The UN in Mongolia introduced the website, which could serve as One-Stop-Shop to all COVID-19 related information including health crisis and impacts on people and businesses in Mongolia.

UNRC meets with DPM
Virtual meeting between DPM and UN Resident Cooridinator

The Deputy Prime Minister appreciated the availability of the platform with real-time and up-to-date comprehensive information.

“We are grateful to have this website, which will support the country to make well-informed decisions for an effective and efficient response to the current crisis,” said H.E. Mr. S. Amarsaikhan. 

The website offers a range of timely information including the latest decisions and policy measures by the Government in response to the pandemic, monitoring of the changes in the major consumer prices and currency rates. It also features mobility indicators on Mongolians, especially residents in Ulaanbaatar who have well followed the Government directives to stay home during the strict lockdown measures. Moreover, comprehensive information on foreign aid and contributions of organizations and  individuals in better coping with the crisis is available on the website.

Both parties agreed to jointly launch the website soon and work together with all parties to ensure timely updates with real-time information.

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